Benefits Of Small Travel Groups

Sep 19, 2022

The benefits of small travel groups is hard to ignore when you look at the new trends in the travel industry post-Covid 19.  Here are just some of the  benefits.


Top trends

The travel industry has changed since Covid 19. What was the norm then is not the norm now. A travel survey done shows that over 77% of bookings came from female solo travellers aged 55 and above. 73% of the women were experienced solo travellers and 53% were first time solo travellers. Growth trends include women only tours and smaller groups as you find in The Adventurous Ewe.


There are many benefits of women travelling together. The number one aspect is safety when travelling in a small group. We get to know each other and develop new friendships. The tour is small enough to enable us to look out for each other. On the tours we have time to explore further and although we do not need to all stick together every time we step out of the hotel, we know there is always someone who is happy to accompany us. If you choose to relax someone is nearby.


In a small group we can interact more easily with local women (guides, cooperatives and entrepreneurs). For example, in Essaouira, Morocco we support local women by visiting a local argan oil women’s co-operative making argan oil. We attend a cooking class and stay in high end 3* Riads in Chefchaouen, Fes, Essaouira and Marrakech, all run by local women which provides income for their families.

Wellness and selfcare

Travel gives us the opportunity to get out of our daily routines and have some me time. Whether we need a break from work, time away from the family or just a break in routine, travelling with a group of women gives us a different perspective as we are not defined by our roles as partner, Mother or in the workplace. You are just you. There are wellness tours incorporating yoga or pilates, good food and talks. The small group tours can be slower and not so rushed which allows time to reflect and relax.

We celebrate

Travelling as women can be a celebration of a birthday with a group of girlfriends, a Mother and daughter sharing an experience or spending special moments with your own Mother. Recently I heard of a group of female friends who went on a tour to celebrate the life of a dear friend who had passed away. What a special goodbye.


There’s no time like the present to start exploring the world no matter what your age! If you’re not confident enough to travel on your own, look into small travel groups for women. There are trips from the exotic to walking in Italy to cruising down the Nile River. Remember, new experiences have no age limit.