The Benefits of Women Travel Groups

Sep 14, 2022

There are many benefits of women travelling together. Often, we put off travelling because of work, busy schedules or we feel the timing is not right, probably until the children are out of the house etc.  By this time, we might find ourselves to be solo travellers and all the dreams of travel and the places we yearn to see make way for the fear of travelling alone. There are benefits of women travelling together with The Adventurous Ewe and hope this will encourage you to take the step and travel with us.

Solo Travel versus travelling together

Nearly two thirds of today’s travellers are women. Many of those are groups of women travelling together, as women do not always have someone who is either free to travel with them, or, have the same interest, but, find travelling solo daunting. It can be lonely, no-one to talk to or share a glass of wine with. Making all the arrangements on your own. What if you are sick? As women travelling together we share our stories and experiences and create new ones. The company of like-minded women means that you probably have a lot in common with the other women on the tour. Opening the door to making new friends.


There is a camaraderie among women travelling together that is not the same as in a mixed group. The roles of a caregiver, wife or Mum are left behind. Your new friends have no pre-conceived ideas about you. When women are travelling together in a group, there is always a good friend, the older sister, the one who pushes them out of their comfort zone or the joker all rolled into one. Women can let their hair down, be silly, tell dirty jokes and belly aching laughter.

Me Time

We owe it to ourselves to indulge, recharge, have new experiences to look forward to and make new memories. It is very important that we have time to reflect, take a step back and just enjoy the moment while feeling safe in a group. We invest in ourselves when travelling, awakening our senses, experiencing new cultures and return looking at the world through new eyes.

Not only about us

As women travelling together we do not just invest in ourselves, we invest in other women who depend on various businesses for their livelihood. The Adventurous Ewe has this in mind when we organise our tours. In Morocco, women co-operative the argan oil and most Riads (traditional Moroccan guesthouses built around a courtyard) are run by women. Cooking classes in Marrakech is another favourite. Young women, who are living in difficult situations, are being taught the skills to enable them to work in restaurants and hotels.

Just do it!

Get up and go! Travelling is wonderful and exciting, it can also be nerve wracking. That is why accompanied small tour groups for women take the stress out of travelling. You see places that you long to see while having companionship and feeling safe.