A Culinary and Personal Story

Jul 4, 2024

Gautmi on “Just cooking show” on BBC Lifestyle. Photo from bombaytocapetown.com

The story of Gautami Seksaria is a culinary and personal story. Gautami Seksaria was born in Mumbai. As a young girl she hated cooking. Her Grandmother would mutter “How will we find a good boy for her?”. Her parents gifted her a cooking course and so began her culinary journey. Fast forward several years, she lives in Cape Town and holds cooking classes combined with a wonderful sense of humour, stories and Bollywood music in the background and much to her Grandmother’s delight, managed to marry “a suitable boy” after all.

A simple recipe
Throw some sweet corn in your fire or on the gas stove. Let it crackle and pop. Rub some butter on and coat it with some salt, red chilli powder, chaat masala and lemon.

How does someone tone down food in a restaurant that is too spicy for them?

Ask for raita which is a yogurt based semi liquid with either mint, or cucumber in it. However, as a starting point, I would suggest that you repeat at least twenty times to the waiter that there mustn’t be chilli, else you would need to return the dish. That’s when they will likely take you seriously.


What food should we avoid in India that could upset our stomach? Any advice on

Typically street food, especially in the monsoon season (June-October), when the water quality may be questionable.

What is your favourite spice and why?

My absolute favourite spice is “chaat masala”. I think this is a very versatile spice. It doesn’t necessarily need to be restricted to Indian cooking. It is a mixture of dried mango powder, cumin, coriander, dried ginger, salt (often black salt), and chilli powder.

  • This spice goes very well with melted butter so, if you feel like some savoury toast, add some butter and sprinkle some chaat masala.
  • It also goes great with a braai and on eggs too!
  • A tip for the movies- If you like your popcorn, carry a sachet of chaat masala in your pocket and popcorn has never tasted better.

If you were travelling with us, what would you bring home to Cape Town?

Sounds very cliched! But honestly, a year’s supply of memories of sights, smells and sounds!

Any advice/insights about ladies making the most of their travels in India?

Embrace the experience. Visit India with no judgement or preconceived perceptions. India is a land of opportunity – Full of vibrancy, high energy and bold spirit. It is a land of magic, mystique and colour. People are outspoken but extremely warm and good-spirited.


What makes you laugh?

My two crazy boxer fur babies. 24 hours of madness and so much love!

To learn more about Gautami, visit her website

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