Top 6 Packing Essential Tips For Your Women Only Morocco Trip

Aug 24, 2023

Morocco is such a special place to visit and our top 6 packing essential tips for your women only Morocco trip is all you need to get ready. Packing for a trip to Morocco requires careful consideration to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

We don’t always remember everything, but travelling with a small group of women means we help each other out; swop scarves, hand out spare lip balm, help with technology problems and adaptors.  

Morocco’s climate can vary widely from North to South, so pack clothing that can be layered.

From exploring the medinas of Chefchaouen, Fes and Marrakech, wandering around Roman ruins, trekking through the Sahara Desert and a night out surrounded by opulence, this article provides essential tips and a packing list to help you make the most of your adventure in comfort, while being respectful of the culture.

Here are our Top packing essential tips for your women only Morocco trip:



Packing Essentials Tip #1: Suitcases


Instead of packing your biggest suitcase, rather bring two smaller ones if possible. Sometimes we use donkeys to transport our luggage along narrow streets and alleyways, where a vehicle cannot reach. And, not all Riads have lifts, so be prepared to carry your bags up some stairs, although there are generally very kind staff to help take suitcases to the rooms.


Packing Essentials Tip #2: Clothing and Accessories


Morocco is predominantly a Muslim country, so it is important to dress modestly out of respect for local customs. Loose fitting clothes are always the best. Shoulders and upper arms should be covered by a sleeve or scarf. 

Scarves/hats: Carry a scarf with you.  It is useful to cover your head when entering a religious site or an extra layer of warmth.  Add some flair to your outfits with accessories, like hats with a brim, sunglasses, scarves and costume jewellery.  

Dresses: Dresses below the knee for warmer weather and a scarf or light jacket for cooler times.  One outfit to dress up for an evening.

  Tops:  A mix of short and long sleeved tops covering shoulders and upper arms.

 Jackets: Light jacket or sweater and a puffer jacket.

Pants: Jeans, three quarter pants- loose fitting is more comfortable.

Shoes: We do a lot of walking, so pack comfortable walking shoes and sandals, with something prettier for evenings

Desert:  The camel safari will be from just before sunset in the late afternoon. You’ll want to cover your head with a scarf or hat.  Pack casual clothes, a jacket for the cooler evening weather and casual shoes.


Packing Essentials Tip #3: Travel Essentials


Adaptors: Morocco uses Type C and E electrical outlets.  Be sure to pack the appropriate adaptors to charge your devices. 

Water Bottle: Bring your own water bottle to fill each day.

Daypack: A small backpack to use while exploring and for the night in the desert.

Ear Plugs: Noise carries in the medinas.

Packing Essentials Tip #4: Health and Hygiene

Prescription Medication:  If you take prescription medications, ensure you have adequate supply for the duration of your trip.

First Aid Kit: Plasters, antiseptic ointment, insect repellent, cold medication, sunburn, headache.

Toiletries: Cosmetics, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, lip balm, decant your shampoo and conditioner into smaller bottles.

Packing Essentials Tip #5: Technology

Mobile phone: Most accommodation provides WiFi, but we found the Airalo App providing affordable local e-SIM cards very handy when we were travelling: www.airalo.com 

“I loved Airalo and it was a real win, have used it on 4 trips now.  I always recommend the Regional SIMs, not the individual country, they somehow last longer.”

Electronics: Chargers, power banks and air-phones.

Packing Essentials Tip #6: Miscellaneous



Euros are accepted in the bigger cities in the restaurants.  Money can be withdrawn at ATM’s in the cities in Moroccan dirhams. Note there is a withdrawal limit of 2,000 dirhams per day. Sometimes you can do two transactions to allow you 4,000 dirhams per day.

Local eateries, smaller towns and villages are on a cash only payment basis, as are all market areas and souks. Please ensure you have sufficient cash and plan ahead because it may be a few days before you can withdraw cash again.




When packing for Morocco, take into account the country’s culture, climate and wide range of activities. By packing modest clothing and essential travel items you will be well prepared to immerse yourself in the beauty and richness of this captivating North African destination.

We hope that our top 6 packing essential tips has inspired you to join The Adventurous Ewe on our Morocco Tour 2024.  Click HERE to find out more.