Never Too Old To Travel

Sep 28, 2022

Although it might feel that way, you are never too old to travel.  Travel should not be about age.

Are you too old to travel?

Only you know the answer. Travel does not depend on age. It is about
your physical and mental fitness. Travel is for all ages! You don’t need to fit into a certain age group to enjoy seeing other places around the world. Seeing the world might seem like something you can only do when you’re young. You see adverts about people going on big adventures and they always seem to have youth on their side.

Is travelling harder as you get a little older?

It depends on what you envisage doing and what activities you can do, but this should not stop you from travelling. You don’t have to go river rafting, horseback riding, kayaking or surfing to enjoy yourselves. We at The Adventurous Ewe believes that you are never too old to travel. Travel might look a bit different but anyone, any age can and should have the luxury to travel and experience life to the fullest.

When age is a factor

There are times when age is a factor. Renting a car in Europe, for example. The travel industry is imposing maximum ages to rent a car, therefore, it makes sense to join a small tour group and be driven around knowing you will reach your destination while relaxing. No worries about maps, taking wrong turns and routes. Insurance companies are also charging higher rates for travel insurance for over 70s.

Why we travel

Generally we don’t feel our age. Women are living longer and want to still travel but perhaps not solo, rather travelling with a friend or with a small group of women.

Reasons why we travel:

  1. To challenge ourselves with new places, people, and experiences – the thrill of arriving at a new destination. It is exhilarating.
  2. To learn something new, experience something unfamiliar.
  3. It is good for your brain. Experiencing new things and meeting new people keeps your mind active, as well as your body.
  4. To expand our outlook, open our minds. Experience another way of life completely foreign to ours such as an exotic destination like Morocco.
  5. To meet people from other places and experience new cultures.
  6. To make new friends. With a small group of women travelling together, we can tell our stories, and make each other laugh.
  7. To relax and rejuvenate. Have some time away to focus on ourselves, especially for women.
  8. To celebrate – Women look for a reason to celebrate, whether with a friend or their daughter or a special birthday, creating a memory that will never be forgotten.
  9. To appreciate what we have. Arriving home to our familiar surroundings until we can go


Don’t get stuck in a rut

Travel is a wonderful way to keep active. No matter what your age, it does not stop you from learning and experiencing new things and you will have a lot of stories to tell your friends and family.